What I want in my lover  

Friday, October 10, 2008

What I want in my lover

I love men who have tattoos
Pagan (or can accept that I am)
Who is educated
Who loves to read
Who can call out my BS
Who challenges me
Who is taller than me – 5’9 is the shortest I will go
Who have a great sense of humor
Who like scary movies
Who likes alternative music but can listen to anything
A man who can watch girly movies with me
A man who will consider having one more child
A man who will support me if I am a step mom
A man who can accept my children
A man who likes to go camping and be outdoors
A man who can fix a car
A man who likes to build things
A man who has his own friends and spends time with them
An honest man
A man who can stand on his own
A man who has lived on his own
A man who communicates his needs well
A man who is calm
A man who would not mind having a library in his home
A man who likes board games
A man who can sit in the same room with me, do his own thing, and feel it is quality time
A man who understands that I can be really emotional and not hold it against me
A man who will defend my honor
A man who doesn’t mind if there is an age difference
A man who doesn’t mind who makes more money if we both work
A man who will give me the chance to stay at home with the kids
A man who will encourage me to go after my goals, like I would do for him
A man who has a great butt – superficial but it depends on what I feel is a great butt
A man who will travel with me (even if it means we have to save up to do so)
A man whom I can learn from
A man who will cook with me
A man who can BBQ
A man who will plan meals with me and enjoys grocery shopping with me
A man I can take into a sex shop and pick up playful outfits
A man who I feel comfortable driving in the car with (while he is driving)
A man who believes that date nights are great for the relationship
A man who will like to have people over and socialize once in awhile (okay maybe every week)
A man who is into Ghosts and Vampires and such
A man who likes to drink (not be a drunk but who likes to party)
A man who accepts me for me (all of me with my quirks)
A man whom I can trust completely
A man I can give my heart completely too
A man my girls like
A man I can get along with his family and vice versa
A man I can respect and will respect me

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