Selling my soul to the highest bidder!!!  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, so the time has come to sell my soul to the highest bidder to raise money to fix my car. Here is a list of what is wrong with the car that I just bought 6 months ago. Oh and just so you know I start my second job Monday and working hard at selling my scrapbook items.

1. Driver side window fell into the door paneling after motor broke - possibly broke window as well. Cost to repair $500 for motor & $400 for window.

2. Ignition - it locked up on me tonight - granted my be my fault since i was in a rush to see Devyn in her first music recital - but it is also a known mechanical defect with Ford Focus - cost unknown but based on research $500 to $700 - but if I got the cost right on the part it could be around $250

3. Brakes - dealer already checked these out and was told by the service manager that my brakes are great its the rotors that are not put on right - so either I get used to the sound or replace the brakes. They are driving me crazy!!

4. Muffler - so when the dealer looked at my brakes they knocked the muffler lose but since it is not under warranty my cost to repair. Cost around $500 due to welding.

5. Battery - well I just replaced this one today at the cost of $124 and at the moment I am afraid that I am going to have to replace it again since my clock in my car will not shut off since my ignition is locked!! Yeah me.

6. Inside paneling on driver side - so the week after I got my car (2003 ford focus from Power Toyota of Irvine) the passenger side visor fell on my friend. We also found a plastic screw that we could not figure out where it went. Well, recently I learned - it went to the panel that covered the wiring on my driver side door. So that fell off as well and I can't replace it because it does not want to go back into place because another part of the paneling is not properly in its place.

7. Windshield has a crack in - small and not doing anything but will need to be replaced in time. I can deal with that for awhile.

8. Tinting is coming off and causes some minor distraction while driving at night - I can deal with that for a little while too.

So far that is all that is wrong with my car. Unfortunately, I have no credit cards, no one to my knowledge that can help me raise money since my mom is broke as well and I truly hate asking for help (Darn stubbornness), no savings, no 401k and I am still trying to figure out how to come up with rent money for November.

So, at this point I am selling my soul - so to speak - to the highest bidder that can help me, a single mom of two amazing girls, raise money to make sure that I have a car that can get them to school and me to work (which I may only have until December since they are laying people off).

Scared - YES!!! Freaking out - YES!!! Crying - YES!!!! Will it get better - it has to!!!!!

Thanks for listening to this frightened little girl as she spills her guts and raw with everyone just because I need help. I said, I need help!!!

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